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Features of Automatic Garage Door

1. The full-automatic garage door has a longer service life. Because of the automatic balance structure design, the full-automatic garage door keeps the shaft and the guide rail at a distance between the width of the curtain and reduces the collision and friction between the full-automatic garage door and the guide rail. Loss and noise will not increase the unnecessary lifting force caused by friction and oblique angle during long-term use. It can effectively protect the normal operation of the motor, reduce loss and extend the life of the motor.


2. The automatic garage door curtain sheet is powder sprayed to create a beautiful and bright color appearance. The powder closely adheres to the aluminum alloy surface to reduce scratches, resist rain corrosion, sand and dust friction, and is durable. At the same time, it has a certain degree of wind resistance to ensure the safety of the door body during use.


3. The automatic garage door control method can be operated remotely by a wireless transmitter, and it can be operated easily within 15 meters of barrier-free range.


4. Multiple protection measures can be used: some manufacturers of fully automatic garage doors rely on external security measures for the safety of fully automatic garage doors, such as infrared radiation sensing systems, automatic alarms and other additional security implementations, often neglecting the door The safety structure design of the body itself, when the door body really encounters problems during the operation, these additional safety facilities can only serve as a warning, but cannot well contain the danger. In addition, the infrared sensor is very sensitive. Because the camera lens is exposed to the outdoors for a long time, it is easy to accumulate dust, causing the infrared sensor to falsely report, and the door cannot be opened or closed normally. On the contrary, it affects production efficiency and production safety. The secondary safety protection design of the rolling shaft of the fully automatic garage door, the automatic locking structure of the end cover plate, the rebound device in case of resistance, and the secondary upgrade and improvement of the fully automatic garage door curtain plate. Through the redesign of the tooth hook, the curtain plate and the curtain plate The connection is tighter, the gap is reduced, the wear is reduced, the noise is reduced, and the safety is improved.


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