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YiFa Construction Garage Door Classification

Inductive garage door: The garage door can be installed with anti-theft, security system: If the resistance rebound system is encountered, the device can stop the door body when encountering resistance, which not only protects the safety of people and vehicles in and out, but also protects the reliable use of the door; infrared sensor control system, Effectively guarantee the safety of people, vehicles and pets in and out; the anti-theft alarm system, when someone prying the door, the tweeter will sound an alarm to protect safety. At the same time, it is equipped with a power failure backup battery working function, and there is no need to manually open the door after a power failure.


There are mainly remote control, induction, electric and manual garage doors. Among them, remote control, induction, and electric can be collectively referred to as automatic garage doors. Automatic garage doors are mainly classified into: section garage doors and roller shutter garage doors. Especially where the door opening is large, the place where it is inconvenient to install the door body on the ground plays a role of convenient and quick opening.


Section garage doors: color steel section garage doors, aluminum section garage doors, glass section garage doors,wood-grain steel garage doors, solid wood garage doors.


Rolling shutter garage doors include: ordinary rolling shutter garage doors, stainless steel rolling garage doors, aluminum alloy rolling garage doors, foam rolling shutters, inorganic fabric fireproof rolling shutters and so on. The most common rolling garage door on the market is made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles. The surface is treated by electrostatic powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying and other treatment processes to achieve corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, rust resistance, and scratch resistance. It has strong durability, long service life, high strength, anti-theft, protection and other properties, so it has the widest range of applications.



In Guangdong yifa construction factory ,we can produce color steel section garage door ,aluminum section garage door,glass section garage door ,solid wood section garage door,as well as roller shutter garage doors,such as aluminum roller shutter doors ,galvanized steel roller shutter doors ,stainless steel roller shutter doors etc.Its the best choice for your garage doors supplier if you want to import your garage doors from China.




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